5 Ways to Wear Skirts and Dresses in the Winter
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5 Ways to Wear Skirts and Dresses in the Winter

Oh, tears of sadness, for winter has come and we must say goodbye to our beloved dresses and skirts ...

Um, no thank you! I love mine too much, and they will not be left behind. Did Noah leave giraffes, parrots, mice, koalas, or bears? Would you leave a beloved family member alone on a deserted island? Would you leave your most fabulous friend behind when invited to the sample sale of the century? The answer is no, of course you wouldn't. And so, just as no child will be left behind, no skirt will be left behind either.

Here are 5 ways you can winterize your summer wardrobe. I live in Canada, so these are well tested.

  1. Sport some leg warmers. These are super in style right now. You can find them in a variety of colors, knits, textures, patterns, etc. I have even experimented piling them on over skinny jeans with heels. The effect is super cute, and super warm. Leg warmers are definitely a good purchase for the colder months.
  2. Pair knee high socks to rise above a pair of boots. Or, one of my favorites this year; thigh high patterned socks. I have them in plaid, in various shades. They look cute with little flats, or boots. Pick your poison. The options for socks range in length and pattern, making for all kinds of mix and match options.
  3. Wear tights under a dress, or skirt. A new emerging trend in tights this fall are those that attach under the foot with stirrups - last year they were predominantly tight half-way down the calf. The straps on these tights can be hidden in a pair of oxford booties, boots, or shown off in a peep-toe platform. Tights can be purchased for as low as five dollars in some places, and are a great way to stretch extra wear out of those adorable dresses you never get to wear.
  4. Utilize nylons. The best part of transforming dresses and skirts from summer to winter wear are the endless layering options. This adds interest to your outfit, an extra touch of imagination. While nylons have been considered old fashioned for young people in the past, they are now open for business to everyone. While not blocking out the cold as well as thick socks, tights or leg warmers will, they are a welcome addition for more formal occasions. You can also pair them with all the prior options, so that no part of your legs are left entirely bare.
  5. Wear a tunic or minidress over a pair of jeans. One of my go-to outfits this winter is a flowing minidress over skinnies, with flats, and a cropped black military jacket. The contrasts of feminine, comfortable, and utilitarian style is fun and fashionable.

When it comes down to it, you are the master of your own domain. And by domain, I mean closet/wardrobe/dress/armoire. So be kind to your skirts and dresses, by being clever and weaving them seamlessly into your winter wardrobe.

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Comments (9)

Thanks for the tips! I'm moving to the city and will have to kick my style up a notch. This article gave me a boost of confidence and motivation. My winters usually consist of a whole lot of jeans, sweaters and puffy vests.

Ooooh just discovered this! Great job Erin! In winter, far from hiding my skirts and dresses, I bring out the tights and knee highs and I am good to go.

Elizabeth Stack

The best way to stay warm in the winter is get an uksi winter skirt to wear over top o your dress or skirt.

Love your witty writing! I wore skirts with boots and/or leggings all winter and loved it (I'm also a Canadian).

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