Fashion Tips for Apple Shaped Women
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Fashion Tips for Apple Shaped Women

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My best friend loves apples and is really fond of them. But unfortunately due to health issues and her love for food has actually turned her into an apple shaped figure. The common causes of being apple shape are genetic, improper digestion, stress, menopause, less body movement or slow metabolism.

Well stop being gloomy my apple shaped friends out there, as you have reaced the right spot. Here  are some excellent fashion tips for Apple shaped women. Please don’t despair if you are shaped like an apple. It does not mean the end of the world, trust me you too can walk through life in style. Simply follow these top fashion tips for apple shaped women and you can easily hide your problematic areas.

An apple shaped figure has undefined waist, with big belly appearing to be round in the torso area. Apple shaped women have a wider middle section in combination to a less prominent bottom. Choosing the right outfit not only can help you to accentuate your perfect areas but also help you to skillfully camouflage your embarrassing body parts. 

Read on to learn about the top fashion tips which compliment the apple shaped figure

Jackets are excellent apparel for apple shaped figure.

Jackets help to hide the problematic areas of the body and emphasize your arms and shoulders beautifully. Choose the right style of jacket though! Do not wear a jacket which is too long. The right style of jacket for apple shaped figure should end at the top of the hip. The top button of the jacket should be placed just between the bust and top of the tummy area.

Stop wearing clingy and oversized tops

All apple shaped women should completely avoid wearing clingy and fitted tops. Keep away from boxy and oversized tops too as they make you look larger and shapeless. You can opt to wear longer shirts or tops as they help to cover-up the tummy area. Always remember not to wear any fabric which clings to your tummy.

Empire waist dresses and tops are the best pick

Empire waist tops and dresses are the best pick for apple shaped figure as these tops are designed so beautifully to flatter you. In an empire waist top the gather is placed just below the bust and then it simply flows out, right over the tummy area. Empire waist tops are a must have for apple shaped women, as they are excellent outfit for creating the illusion that waist and tummy beneath the flowing fabric are not huge.

Adorn yourself with trendy Accessories

Apple shaped women should wear attractive earrings and necklaces to draw attention to their face. Wear classy bracelets and colorful bangles to grab the attention to your arms. Choose stunning shoes or boots to complete a perfect look. The key to look stylish and attractive in an apple or pear shaped figure is to show off your best features by wearing right outfits loaded with fashionable accessories.

Choose V- necks and strapless tops

Choose tops with attractive necklines like V-necks which help to draw attention to the face and upper section of the body. Apple shaped women can easily put on halter tops and strapless tops too. They can also opt for sleeveless tops to show off their skinny arms. Try to divert the attention from your problematic area by drawing attention to the upper part by wearing attractive tops.

Select Perfect Pants

Apple shaped women should opt to wear pants with a wider waistband, in order to hold in the tummy. You should choose flared leg or boot cut pants. Boot cut jeans look great on apple shaped figure as they fall below the ankle creating a slimming effect and cast an excellent illusion of a clean line from the waist down. Apple shaped figure can also wear jeans with a little stretch to bring the tummy in a little. A stretch Jean would also help to emphasize other curves of the body, including the hips and backside.

Stay away from tight fitting dresses and trousers

Apple shaped women should stay completely away from trousers and dresses which have a tight fit. The more well-defined is your dress or trousers around your midsection, the more attention grabbing area it becomes. Instead simply focus on dark color trousers and dresses as they help to create a clean, straight line from the hip to the ankle. Your clothes should fit you loosely to give your silhouette smoothness in order to enhance your looks.

The way you dress makes a great difference to your look. By now you are familiar with the top fashion tips for apple shaped figure. So throw away all the clingy dresses and tops and get set to change your look. Load your wardrobe with the right outfits and eye-catching accessories. Time to go Shopping, Enjoy! 

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Comments (9)

Excellent tips!

Got one for a stick figure!!! lol

Great tips. Keep inform. Thanks for sharing. Best PV

Great tips, but I am a pear and find it considerably horrible to always have larger size on trousers than on tops, which barely ever makes me buy two piece ensembles. Before my weigth gained, I was actually an hour glass, but all extra went below.

Ruby, you handled this very sensitively, very nice ideas too.

I'm confused about my shape lol, but I know lots of apple girls. Everybody can be beautiful anyway, though :)

Well. those tips are definitely gonna come handy. Interesting piece.

Excellent suggestions

You certainly offered some fab tips here Ruby! Great write!