How to Iron a Man's Dress Shirt
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How to Iron a Man's Dress Shirt

How to iron a man's dress shirt. How to remove wrinkles from a man's dress shirt

I am not one who really enjoys ironing, but after being married for nearly 22 years I have ironed my fair share of shirts.

Many people start the ironing process by adding water to the iron. I don’t really like to put water in mine, it leaks out and it can cause burns and can scorch fabric, usually the fabric on the ironing board, but that is not an ideal solution in my opinion.

I use a clean spray bottle and spray as needed when I am ironing. I always make sure that the iron is clean before I place it on any fabric. I will run it over a clean old piece of clothing after it heats up to make sure that nothing is going to come off of the iron on to my clothes.

The first thing you do is make sure that the shirt is all unbuttoned and then pop up the collar. Place the shirt face up on the board and spread the collar out so that it is flat. Using a circular motion iron from the center of the collar to each edge. Flip it over and do the same on the other side. Then Fold the collar back down and iron it in to place. A little water helps with this.

Then pull the shoulder of the shirt over the thin edge of the ironing board. Iron the shoulder area then pull the shirt off and put the other sleeve of the shirt on and do the same.

Smooth out the sleeves and make sure the seams are lining up properly. Spread it flat on the board and carefully iron each sleeve. Flip the sleeve over and do the other side. Then iron the cuffs by spreading them out and ironing them from edge to edge. Then button them together and iron it while it is closed. Carefully iron around the button.

Then iron each half of the front of the shirt. Place it collar side up towards the thin part of the board and spread it out nice and flat. Carefully iron in a small circular motion. Be careful when you hit the pocket area as it is easy to crease the pocket if you don’t make sure the shirt and pocket are spread out flat. After doing both sides of the front, then turn the shirt over and do the back in sections. Again the top of the shirt should be up towards the thinner part of the board.

If wrinkles are stubborn spray them with a bit of water, be careful not to spray too much. Also be quick with the iron in wet areas so you don’t scorch the shirt.

After ironing hang your shirt right away and make sure it is hung equally.

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Interesting and very useful.I really like your selection of these practical and useful topics.thanks