Vogue Strike A Pose
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Vogue Strike A Pose

An article about the magazine, "Vogue." The article talks about the magazine's history, its massive effects on modern and past pop culture.The article talks about the magazine's head editor, Anna Wintour. It also speaks about the magazine's effect on models, fashion, pop culture, and designer. "Vogue" is the primary book of fashion. It affects fashion lovers everywhere.

"Vogue" has been inspiring millions of women and even some men each year with its awe-inducing fashion. "Vogue" is the ultimate bible for fashion lovers everywhere for a hundred years. "Vogue" is the magazine readers view when they want to know the up to the minute fashion changes. The elite has been on the pages of "Vogue" with each passing decade. Young and old Hollywood would like to be on the cover of this prestigious magazine. "Vogue" is always been viewed as cutting edge and causing cultural changes. "Vogue" always has a steady finger on the pulse of mainstream pop culture. "Vogue" tries to appeal to every age group and ethnic group.

"Vogue" has had every major female superstar on its cover, everyone from Taylor Swift, to Adele, (the biggest star of the music industry of the past year) to Jennifer Lopez.  Anna Wintour is the editor and chief of "Vogue." She is one of the most powerful figures in the fashion industry, maybe even the world itself. It is rumored that the editor in "The Devil Wears Prada" is loosely based on Wintour herself. Anna Wintour and "Vogue" has been mentioned numerous times in pop culture over the years. Everyone and everything from rapper, Jay-Z to the "Sex and the City" has made references to the infamous magazine and its headline getting editor. Madonna, the material girl, even has a hit song telling the masses to "Vogue." "Vogue" is the leader of all things couture.

The magazine is unique that its photo spreads are viewed less about just stars and their beautiful clothes. It is about creating a piece of photographic art that is as beautiful, and complex as any other painting hanging in a museum of modern art. Models, especially beginners hope and pray that they will reach the fashion mecca, known simply by one small word, "Vogue." Designers are equally hopeful about getting their designs and clothing onto the pages especially this particular magazine. It can make your career, and then one day you have more work than you can produce.

If Anna and the other editors do not like you in any capacity, you can say goodbye to your career, hopefully it has been a joyful trip no matter, how brief. The fashion industry is a very difficult place, and like everything else, "Vogue" is no different, it is not for the faint of heart.

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